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Somango Marijuana

Somango Marijuana Strain A multi-purpose, potent, and flavorful strain, Somango is a bud that everyone should keep on hand to relax after a bad day.

Some strains are all about giving you as much THC as possible, lending an overpowering high that lasts hours at a time. Other strains are entirely focused on their flavor profile, trying to knock you off your feet with intriguing flavors. There are a few strains, though, that do both.

Somango is a marijuana strain that tries to do it all – and surprisingly succeeds. Let’s investigate this pleasant hybrid to find out more about its flavor and mesmerizing effects.

What Is the Somango Marijuana Strain?

The Somango marijuana strain is a cross of a few different potent strains, including Jack Herer and Super Skunk. Initially developed by Soma Seeds, Somango’s name lends itself to a self-evident interpretation of what kind of thing you can expect from this strain.

An obvious, full-on mango flavor is to be expected, along with a copious amount of cannabinoids. While the parents of this strain aren’t immediately apparent from its name, it has an excellent lineage. With origins in such potent strains as Jack Herer, its effects should be pretty obvious.

The high from Somango takes a little while to really be noticed, creeping slowly but surely over several long, aching minutes. The first feeling is one of distinctly noticeable weight in your limbs, as well as that telltale pressure in your head.

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