Red Congolese Strain



Red Congolese Strain

Red Congolese Strain is a sativa landrace with wondrous effects. Users love its bold cerebral buzz and its euphoric and energetic high. Red Congolese’s mood-enhancing capabilities make it a top option for stress-relief or for addressing depression or fatigue-related symptoms.

You would imagine that this strain is simply an African sativa landrace with a name like Red Congolese. However, the variety of this strain popular in California also has Mexican and Afghaniroots and an indica-like appearance.

Some people argue that there are two distinct and separate varieties of the Red Congolese strain out there. One, a purely African sativa landrace, the other crossed with an indica Afghani. Rather than getting too bogged down with its exact lineage, let’s evaluate the strain based on its overall qualities.

What Is the Red Congolese Strain?

The primary Red Congolese phenotype is 100% sativa and provides an exceptionally energizing and uplifting high. Users describe Red Congolese’s cerebral effects as clear-headed and focus-enhancing. For this reason, many agree that Red Congolese is an excellent wake and bake strain.

Naturally, this is one you definitely won’t want to smoke before bedtime. Instead, Red Congolese is ideal for morning or early afternoon use.

Red Congolese is ideal for morning or early afternoon use.

Users say that it sets them up nicely for the day by boosting their mood and energy levels. The good news for people in a hurry is that Red Congolese’s effects are fast-acting. The high tends to peak within the first couple of hours. However, some users say its effects can last up to four or five hours.

Some say that Red Congolese gets their creative juices flowing, so it may be a useful option for artistic types.


Let’s just say that the Red Congolese strain isn’t the most beautifully fragrant of cannabis strains out there. Its strong, pungent, earthy smell has been likened to strong-smelling cheese. There are also hints of nuts, but Red Congoles’s pungent cheesy odor mostly overpowers this subtle scent.


Thankfully this strain’s pungent aroma is not indicative of its taste. While some notes present in its aroma carry over to its flavor, they do so in a less noticeable way. They are largely masked by Red Congolese’s fusion of sweet and spicy flavors and herbal and citrusy notes.

Some smokers of this strain say that it has a musky, woody, and spicy aftertaste on the exhale.


As already mentioned, the variety of this strain popular in California with purported Afghani roots has an indica-like appearance. A Red Congolese plant’s vibrant red hairs give it a distinctively fiery appearance as well as its name.

Strain type:Sativa

Dominant terpene:Myrcene

Parent strains:Landrace

Activities:Exercising, creative thinking, getting work done

Backstory:Sometimes called “Red Congo,”Red Congolese is a sativa landrace from Africa. This rare strain is known for energy and focus.

Why we love it:We love this strain for its earthy and woody flavors and ability to attain mental clarity and work through creative problems.



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