Pennywise Cannabis Strain



Pennywise Cannabis Strain

Pennywise Cannabis Strain gets its name from the terrifying killer clown from the Stephen King novel. However, unlike the book or movie, this strain won’t keep you awake at night. Instead, Pennywise consumers will experience deep relaxation, calming, and soporific effects from this high CBD strain.

The name ‘Pennywise’ may strike fear into anyone who has read Stephen King’s It. For those of you unfamiliar with the book or the subsequent movie, Pennywise is the name of the terrifying killer clown in the story.

Pennywise is a new breed of marijuana strain with almost equal amounts of CBD and THC. The good news is that, unlike the terror-inducing clown, Pennywise the strain, could help to relieve anxiety and stress.


What Is the Pennywise Strain?

Pennywise weed is an indica-dominant hybrid with a 70:30 indica to sativa ratio. This strain was created by Subcool’s The Dank and is a cross of Harlequin and Jack the Ripper. Due to its high CBD content, Pennywise is much better suited to the medicinal rather than the recreational marijuana consumer.

As already mentioned, the Pennywise strain has an evenly balanced THC to CBD ratio. With such a high CBD content, the psychoactive effects of Pennywise are predictably mild. After consuming this strain, you may feel a mild cerebral high and an improvement in mood.

Most users report feeling focused and clear-minded when using this strain.

As this strain’s effects take hold further, its indica properties begin to exert their influence on the body. A feeling of deep relaxation and ultimately sedation sets in. The pace at which Pennywise’s physical effects kick in, tend to vary depending on the user. For some, the body high hits them quickly, but for others, it is a gradual process.

Pennywise Cannabis Strain  consumers say that in the early stages after consuming this strain that they remain lucid and clear-headed. However, when the indica effects begin to take hold, they tend to intensify as time passes. Consumers of this strain say that they commonly become couch-locked after consuming it. These sedative effects can often lead to drowsiness and sleepiness in their latter stages. For this reason, Pennywise is best suited to late afternoon or evening time use only.


Pennywise has quite an interesting fragrance. It has distinctive, coffee-like notes with hints of pepper, and subtler sweet aromas of lemon and bubblegum. When Pennywise’s buds have been cured and dried, they have a dank, earthy odor, similar to damp soil. Breaking open or grinding the buds reveals slightly spicy notes with a hash-like aroma.


Pennywise tastes a lot like it smells, but with one key difference. It has a deliciously citrusy and fruity lemon flavor on the inhale, which is a real treat for the taste buds. Take note, however, while this strain tastes fantastic when combusted, Pennywise produces thick and harsh, cough-inducing smoke. On the exhale, Pennywise’s sour and pepper notes are more prominent.


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