Lemon Jack Strain



Lemon Jack Strain

The Lemon Jack cannabis strain is yet another example of a citrus delight making waves. It is regarded as an outstanding social strain that you can use in the afternoon or early evening. This strain has a fantastic scent that sets you up for a wonderful taste. While it is somewhat potent, it shouldn’t overwhelm experienced users

Marijuana lovers are fortunate to live in an age where the substance isn’t completely illegal. These days, if you live in a state that allows recreational cannabis or has an MMJ program, you have access to a remarkable selection of buds. The level of competition amongst breeders means they fight to produce potent marijuana that also tastes great. Lemon Jack is an excellent example of how to create a strain with an amazing taste and very satisfying effects.

What Is the Lemon Jack Strain?

The Lemon Jack strain is a cross of Lemon Kush and Jack Herer. It isn’t always the case where world-class strains produce outstanding offspring. However, it very much IS the case with this strain, which is also called Lemon Herer.

It is a sativa-dominant strain that provides a welcome euphoric high. You can expect to feel energized and generally happy with life. Individuals looking for something to lift their spirits won’t go far wrong with Lemon Jack. The refreshing scent and taste make it a hit for morning and early afternoon use.

For experienced users, Lemon Jack provides a hit of energy akin to a strong cup of coffee.

More experienced marijuana users claim that they use it as a wake and bake strain. For them, Lemon Jack provides a hit of energy akin to what they might experience from a strong cup of coffee. However, unlike caffeine, this cannabis strain won’t cause the jitters or result in a sudden energy crash. The high does move to the body in time and may cause slight sedation amongst novices. However, it is nothing that experienced users can’t handle. 


With Lemon Jack, it is all about the invigorating citrus scent. When you take it out of the bag, grind the buds, or ignite it, the smell of lemon lingers in the air. However, this strain also offers subtle hints of pepper, vanilla, and pine.


Once again, it is lemon that dominates the senses when you smoke Lemon Jack. It is more of a sweet lemon taste than a sour one; however, the tinges of pine, pepper, and vanilla carry over. You may get these flavors on the exhale, although it is citrus that lingers on the tongue.

 Appearance of Lemon Jack Strain

Lemon Jack has relatively dense nugs that are covered in sticky resin. The resinous buds may give you the impression that this strain is stronger than it is. Apart from the standard green coloring and orange pistils, there are also patches of red that you can bring out with the right growing techniques.


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