Himalayan Gold Cannabis Strain



Himalayan Gold Cannabis Strain

Himalayan Gold Cannabis Strain is a cross of two fairly rare landraces. It provides an exceedingly pleasant and uplifting high, and a sensation of euphoria that makes you feel as if you’re on top of Mount Everest. It also has an unusual yet tasty flavor profile that will surely intrigue your taste buds.

The Himalayan region is home to some of the world’s finest cannabis strains. Decades ago, travelers brought some of these plants home and helped spread these fantastic strains worldwide. It is always a pleasure for marijuana users to sample a landrace strain, let alone cannabis that’s a combination of two landraces like Himalayan Gold.

What Is the Himalayan Gold Strain?

Green House Seeds bred Himalayan Gold by crossing a North Indian indica with a Nepalese sativa. The result is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid.

Mountain climbers are familiar with the unique sensation they feel once they’re at a high altitude. Those who understand how this feels suggest that Himalayan Gold’s high makes them feel similarly. The initial high slowly but surely manifests in your head. Users will likely feel extremely happy and perhaps a little spaced out at first. However, once you get used to the high, you’ll likely enjoy the clear-headed effects.

It can take less than an hour to go from clear-headed high to couch-lock.

The indica side of Himalayan Gold takes over after a while and works its way down the body. Users may feel a sudden urge to sit or lie down and not have much of an inclination to get back up. It can take less than an hour to go from clear-headed high to couch-lock, so you have been warned! It is best to use this strain in the evening because once the body high takes over, you’re done for the day.


You will immediately get taken in by the pleasing scent of Himalayan Gold. It offers hints of sweet citrus and coffee that may take you by surprise.


This strain offers a combination of pine, herbs, and spiciness on the inhale. You may also get a combination of lemon and coffee, especially on the exhale. Himalayan Gold is a smooth smoke and shouldn’t cause a coughing fit.




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