GMO Cookies Strain



GMO Cookies Strain

GMO Cookies Strain Strangely named and even more strangely flavored, this indica leaning hybrid is definitely worth it. With an incredible amount of garlic, coffee, and sweet flavors and a super chillaxed vibe, this strain is a must try for marijuana gourmets everywhere.

Strain type: Hybrid

Dominant terpene: Limonene

Parent strains: Chemdog, GSC

Activities: Chilling on the couch, spacing out

Backstory: A pungent offspring of Chemdog and GSC, GMO Cookies is savory, stanky, and strong, and dumps hash for rosin. “GMO” may bother some, so you’ll also see it as “Garlic Cookies.”

Why we love it: GMO’s mix of chem and cookies unlocked a whole new world of funk we’re all nodding our heads to. When you get bored with dessert, join the salty adults puffing on pot’s equivalent of rowdy blue cheese. Keep an eye out for other acquired tastes, like Everything Bagel (Garlic Breath x Peanut Butter Breath).

Everyone is familiar with the potent, indica-leaning strain family of Girl Scout Cookies. Girl Scout Cookies, or GSC as it is commonly known, is incredibly potent and sweet tasting. So, it would stand to reason that any strain crossed from such a classic would have all the characteristics of a typical GSC strain.

However, not everything produced from such a crowd pleaser tastes precisely the same, as the GMO Cookies strain shows. With a distinctively different flavor profile and its own unique effects, GMO Cookies is another favorite, but for totally different reasons.

Let’s take a look at the GMO Cookies strain and find out just what it is that makes it so unique.

What Is the GMO Cookies Strain?

Hearing the term “GMO” likely makes most people shy away from even considering it as a marijuana strain. GMO has gotten such a bad reputation recently that it somehow makes anything named after it a dangerous substance. However, regardless of the actual merit of GMO products, GMO Cookies isn’t anything to do with genetically modified organisms.

Created by Divine Genetics, GMO Cookies is so-called because of the sheer effort that went into cultivating its potent effects. Additionally, it is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg, and that name uses some of the letters from its parents.

Funnily enough, GMO Cookies has another name that some dispensaries prefer to use over its original name: Garlic Cookies. This is because of the incredibly noticeable garlic aroma that is detectable the moment you walk into the room.

The effects of this strain, however, are a lot more like its parent strains’ than you would first expect.


As with many other heavily indica-leaning hybrids, GMO Cookies tends to lean more towards the relaxation side of marijuana effects. After first inhaling, the deep, profound burst of relaxation will course through your veins. After a few moments, it will settle throughout your body, inducing your brain into a chilled out, slightly psychedelic state.

While most indica-leaning strains can boast of potent relaxation effects, few do it better than GMO Cookies. It isn’t just a feeling of relaxation, but of complete contentment. Additionally, the high has the interesting quality of lasting hours upon hours. It almost seems like the high will never fade, giving its effects to you again and again, like a pulsating sensation that doesn’t seem to abate.

Even more enjoyably, you won’t find yourself falling asleep or in any way losing consciousness during most of the high. You will just want to sit back, relax, and chill out. Only at the very end of the high, hours after first using it, will you feel inclined to rest your head and close your eyes.

This strain is great for the late afternoon to chill you out after a long, tiring day. It is sedative and munchies-inducing, but nothing too potent as to be annoying.

What about its infamous aroma and flavor, though? What kind of exciting qualities does its taste offer?


The strangest thing about the aroma of the GMO Cookies strain is that it seems to smell like freshly peeled garlic. As soon as you walk by this bud, you will smell fresh cloves of lightly crushed, slightly spicy garlic.

There is also a little bit of coffee on the backend of the aroma, giving the whole smelling experience a really strange and exciting quality.

The garlic smell isn’t really like roasted garlic, or even correctly just the smell of garlic cooking. Instead, it is eerily similar to just the smell of regular, raw garlic, just removed from the head.

What about the flavor, though? Does this strange aroma carry over?


After starting to burn the GMO Cookies bud, you will find its flavor really weird. You might expect the garlic aroma to carry through, but it is far more developed than you would expect. It has a strange coffee-like flavor to it, so much so that you might think you have started drinking a cup of coffee rather than smoking some weed.

The two flavors intermingle and mix together, with notes that you would never normally put together. But it isn’t that weird; it actually tastes pretty sweet.

What about how it looks? What kind of appearance does the GMO Cookies strain have?


The really interesting thing about the bud of the GMO Cookies strain is that it doesn’t look like an indica at all. Instead of the typical structure of an indica, GMO Cookies looks mostly like a sativa.

With a green color and a big burst of white trichomes, the shape of the bud is quite elongated. There is a good quantity of orange pistils which, mixed with the dense trichomes, are what gives it its distinctive aroma and flavor.

To really see the full extent of the appearance and aroma of the GMO Cookies strain, you should try and grow your own. What do you need to know to be able to grow your own GMO Cookies?

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Hp, Lb, Oz, Qp


QUANTITY/WEIGHT 10 grams, 17 grams, 25 grams


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