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G13 Haze is yet another example of a cannabis strain shrouded in mystery. One of its parents has a great backstory that is unlikely to be true! However, users can rely on this strain providing them with a happy and relaxed high. It is a great option if you need a pick-me-up during the day as it shouldn’t lead to sedation or sleepiness.

Most of us like a good story, and there is always something intriguing about a cannabis strain when we’re not sure of its origins. While we’re aware of G13 Haze’s origins, the same can’t be said for one of its ‘parents.’

What Is the G13 Haze Cannabis Strain?

The G13 Haze strain is a heavily-sativa dominant hybrid that’s a cross of G13 and Haze. Barney’s Farm Seeds created this strain. The G13 strain itself has a fascinating backstory. There is a suggestion that the United States Federal Medical Marijuana Distribution Program created it in the 1970s. This program was supposed to be a secret, but obviously, those involved didn’t do a great job keeping it that way!

The G13 strain was known for its heavily sedating properties. However, G13 Haze is nothing like that.

The G13 strain was known for its heavily sedating properties. However, G13 Haze is nothing like that. Instead, its Haze genetics ensures that users shouldn’t feel couch-locked at any point. You may feel an intense head high that provides you with a feeling of euphoria. Most users report feeling incredibly happy for the duration of the high. Please note, the level of intoxication often overwhelms new users.

The body high helps you feel relaxed, but there is little danger of feeling sleepy as long as you use a reasonable amount. You can use G13 Haze during the day, and it may even help you get some basic yet boring tasks done.


The G13 Haze strain provides a combination of sweet and woody notes. There are also hints of earthiness. The odor isn’t particularly pungent or noticeable.

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