Fruity P OG 500mg Disposable

Hybrid THC 29.844% CBD 64.112%


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It’s called Fruity P. OG for a reason: the stuff tastes and smells just like a fresh bowl of the cereal. Buds from this cannabis plant should be light, fluffy, with a faint minty green color.

This near-perfect hybrid leans ever-so-slightly towards its Indica phenotype (55% indica/45% Sativa).

It packs a considerable amount of potency as well, at 18-21% THC. As its name implies, this cannabis plant is best enjoyed when parked in front of the television on a Saturday morning. It provides some seriously chill vibes, but won’t knock out a smoker. Considered a couch-locker strain that’ll keep the eyes open, Fruity P. is best for relaxing and unwinding or getting rid of aches or pains.

This strain can cause dry mouth, red eyes, anxiousness, and even a little paranoia.

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Lab Analysis

Lab Analysis

Cannabinoid Amount
THC 83.834 – 85.589%
CBG 1.803 – 2.664%
Terpene Amount
Linalool 14.89 – 15.06mg/g
β Myrcene 5.75 – 6.16mg/g




  • Calm
  • Tingly
  • Dry Eyes
  • Dry Mouth
  • Nervous
Taste & Smell

  • Sweet


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