Dutch Treat Complete Strain



Dutch Treat Complete Strain

Dutch Treat Complete Strain is a heavily-indica dominant hybrid that offers relaxing and sedating effects. Due to the nature of its effects, this strain is best suited to evening rather than daytime use. This strain is becoming popular among medicinal marijuana consumers, particularly those with insomnia.

Strain type:Hybrid

Dominant terpene:Terpinolene

Parent strains:Northern Lights,Haze

Activities:Hanging out with friends, conversations, chilling on the couch

Backstory:Dutch Treatis a classic known for its cerebral effects that come on quick and will leave you uplifted and euphoric. Its dense, sticky buds have an intense smell of sweet fruit mixed with pine and eucalyptus trees.

Why we love it:Dutch Treat is potent and has a unique sweet candy and pine flavor that has made it a longtime favorite in Amsterdam and across the world.

Anyone with an iota of marijuana knowledge is aware of the famed Amsterdam coffee shop scene. Yet people are always amazed that weed is technically illegal in these shops. It is merely a case of police turning a blind eye! In any case, the Dutch Treat strain, as the name suggests, has become a staple of these locations. It is also now regularly seen in North American dispensaries.

What Is the Dutch Treat Strain?

Dutch Treat weed is a strongly indica-dominant (80%) hybrid. This strain’s lineage is somewhat contentious. However, most agree that this strain was created in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, by famed breeders Jordan of the Islands, formed in 1992.

Most agree that this strain was created in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, by famed breeders Jordan of the Islands, formed in 1992.

If you have heard the name before, it is not a surprise. They also created the much-loved Blue Hawaiian and God Bud strains. However, the Dutch Treat strain that has become so popular in North America was released by East Island Seeds. This ‘new’ mix of the strain leans heavily towards indica while the original Dutch Treat is more balanced.

Dutch Treat Aroma

Dutch Treat is a beautiful, fragrant strain, and its very aroma is capable of energizing you. The fruity scent, which consists of blueberries and candy, and piney and eucalyptus notes, is an intense olfactory experience.

Dutch Treat Flavor

This strain tastes as fruity as it smells, and ‘mouth-watering’ is an apt description. There are also hints of sweet earth and pine. Ultimately, Dutch Treat will leave a pleasant woody and sweet aftertaste on the palate of the consumer.

Dutch Treat Appearance

Dutch Treat grows short and stout and consists of stunning green nugs laden with trichomes. This strain almost looks ‘glazed,’ and when the pistils begin to turn orange, it is an aesthetic delight. You will know a healthy Dutch Treat plant because of its vibrant colors and dense, sticky buds.

Dutch Treat Strain Grow Info

If you are an outdoor grower, Dutch Treat may not be the best option because it prefers an indoor setup. It responds well to soil or hydroponic setup. Even amateur growers should find it comparatively simple to grow this hybrid. As long as you provide it with a dry and warm environment, it will thrive.

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