Blue Zkittlez Cannabis Strain



Blue Zkittlez Cannabis Strain

Blue Zkittlez Cannabis Strain is an indica-leaning strain that provides relaxation. In larger amounts, it is likely to result in couch lock, so use with caution! It has a sweet, zesty citrus taste that makes it extremely appealing to users. Overall, Blue Zkittlez is the ideal companion for an evening in front of the TV.

As we’ve mentioned before, marijuana breeders like to have fun when naming their strains. The Zkittlez strain was likely named after the bestselling fruity candy, Skittles. It is a Cannabis Cup winner that’s been used to create a multitude of great-tasting strains. Blue Zkittlez is one of its best ‘offspring’ to date. Find out more in this cannabis strain review.

What Is the Blue Zkittlez Strain?

The Blue Zkittlez strain is an indica-leaning hybrid that’s a cross of Zkittlez and Blue Diamond. Dying Breed Seeds created this strain, which is designed to help you relax. There’s little question that you should look to consume Blue Zkittlez in the evening.

While there are sativa elements, you shouldn’t expect this strain to provide you with energy. Indeed, it is likely to do the opposite. The initial high includes light-headedness, and you may feel slightly happier than you were before.

However, in general, the Blue Zkittlez high mainly impacts the body. In a matter of minutes, you’ll likely feel your limbs become decidedly heavy. Before you know it, couch lock has struck, and you have no desire to get up. Therefore, we recommend only consuming this strain in the evening once your daily tasks are complete.

It is an excellent strain for use with friends, as long as you all have pre-arranged places to sleep! Also, Blue Zkittlez could cause the munchies. It is wise to have your snacks prepared before the high hits. Otherwise, it will take a Herculean task to get to the kitchen! Eventually, your eyes will become as heavy as your limbs, and sleep becomes inevitable.


The Blue Zkittlez aroma is a pleasing combination of sweet berries, earth, and diesel. It is a strain with a particularly high terpene count, which is readily apparent.

The Blue Zkittlez sweet, earthy aroma is potent and could linger in the air for hours.

The scent intensifies once you grind the buds or light them. Please note that this strain’s smell is intense and takes hours to dissipate completely.


Novices may feel overwhelmed by the strong tart taste upon the inhale. However, they’ll soon get used to it and begin to enjoy the citrus notes. On the exhale, you may get hints of berries, grapefruit, and herbs.


Blue Zkittlez has relatively small buds that you can break apart without a grinder. The earthy green coloring of the buds mixes well with the speckles of yellow & blue and layers of trichomes. You may also notice long, thin brown leaves that stand out against the green backdrop.

Blue Zkittlez Strain Grow Info

Novices can try to grow cannabis plants from Blue Zkittlez seeds. However, you’ll need a modicum of experience to get the best from this strain. It is possible to cultivate these plants indoors or outdoors. If you’re interested in the latter, bear in mind that Blue Zkittlez prefers a warm and dry climate. Therefore, you should stick to indoor growing if you live in a wet region.

Outdoor grown Blue Zkittlez Cannabis Strain is ready for harvest by the beginning of October. It can grow taller than its indoor counterpart, which means a higher yield of around 16 ounces per plant.

When you cultivate this strain indoors, you get to control the temperature and humidity in the grow room. Its flowering time is 7-8 weeks, and it can provide around 12-13 ounces of bud per square meter planted.

If you have enough experience, you can experiment with lower nighttime temperatures to see if you can bring out the blue coloring in this strain.

THC Content – Highest Test

The Blue Zkittlez strain is moderately high in THC at 20%. Some tests have provided even higher results, but usually only by a couple of percent.

CBD Content – Highest Test

In the best-case scenario, Blue Zkittlez could have up to 1% CBD. This is a surprisingly high amount for a strain that isn’t specifically bred for cannabidiol.


Additional information


Hp, Lb, Oz, Qp


QUANTITY/WEIGHT 10 grams, 17 grams, 25 grams


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