Black Jack Marijuana Strain



Black Jack Marijuana Strain

Black Jack Marijuana Strain is a primarily indica-dominant strain, resulting from crossing Black Domina with Jock Horror. It’ll leave you feeling spacey and heavy headed, yet generally uplifted and energetic. You can even expect some psychedelic effects in addition to the cerebral effects, unlike many strains which offer one or the other. Black Jack has a flavor profile that is very piney and earthy, with some notes of berry underneath.

No card game in the history of all card games is as well known as Black Jack. It is so well known that its use transcends the actual game and has become a catch-all phrase for when something is just the perfect amount – when it hits the spot exactly right.

It is thus extremely fitting that the Black Jack cannabis strain is named as such; with a high THC level that makes it perfect for treating a myriad of medical conditions to its powerful indica dominant effects, Black Jack is a famous and much-loved strain.

Let’s take a look at this unique indica-dominant hybrid and examine how it affects its users, as well as its taste, smell and even how it looks.

Strain type: Hybrid

Dominant terpene: Terpinolene

Parent strains: Black Domina, Jack Herer

Activities: Playing video games, doing work

Backstory: The energetic effects of Jack Herer are checked by Black Domina in Black Jack. With light green nugs from Jack and a heavy dusting of trichomes from Domina, Black Jack’s an old school strain that’s here to stay.

Why we love it: Never out of style, Black Jack provides focus and a clear-headed mood lift with a full-bodied sweetness that’s versatile for most days and afternoons.


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