Black Cherry Cheesecake Strain



Black Cherry Cheesecake Strain   

Black Cherry Cheesecake Strain thought to have originated in Southern Oregon from an unknown breeder, Black Cherry Cheesecake is an indica-dominant hybrid that supposedly crosses Black Cherry SodaSuper Silver Haze, and Cheese. These large, pink-tinged purple flowers smell like cherries and sugar, and possess a flavor that is aptly described by the name. Black Cherry Cheesecake leaves users relatively clear-headed while providing strong, sedating body sensations that can make motivation difficult.

There is no question that a lot of people would like to sample a black cherry cheesecake! As it happens, modern marijuana breeders are becoming so skilled that they can make strains with a dessert-style flavor profile! This is what the creators of the Black Cherry Cheesecake strain have achieved with this sumptuous delight.

What Is the Black Cherry Cheesecake Strain?

There is an element of mystery to the Black Cherry Cheesecake strain. We know it is an indica-dominant hybrid. Its likely parents are Cheese, Super Silver Haze, and Black Cherry Soda. We are even aware of its potency. However, no one seems to know who bred this strain or where it originates from.

No one seems to know who bred this strain or where it originates from.

Like many indica-leaning strains, the Black Cherry Cheesecake high takes a while to affect. After perhaps a quarter of an hour, you might get the first hints of a euphoric sensation. However, once it begins, you can expect it to keep you feeling optimistic and happy for several hours. Some users say they get a tingle down their neck and feel more sociable and chattier.

Once the high takes hold, however, your body will feel completely relaxed. The tension seems to disappear from your muscles. Soon enough, you will want to remain seated comfortably for the duration of the high. In general, Black Cherry Cheesecake doesn’t lead to complete sedation or couch-lock. However, this can occur if you use too much of it.

Even so, it is a cannabis strain best used in the evening, just in case the effects make you feel sleepy. There is also the chance you will experience alterations in depth perception. Certainly, novices are advised to choose something less potent.


As the name suggests, Black Cherry Cheesecake has a sugary sweet aroma. Once you break up the buds, you get the delightful combination of berries and cherries. The scent only becomes stronger when you light the buds.


Although it isn’t nearly as sweet as an actual dessert, there is a sugary sensation at play. Users also report getting the cherry and berry taste that the aroma promised. There is also a likelihood of a savory cheese taste on the exhale. If you smoke Black Cherry Cheesecake, you may experience mild coughing.


This strain has large and well-formed flowers, along with buds shaped like spades. The orange pistils and silver trichomes stand out against the pale green leaves. You may also see glimpses of lavender and pink. This is down to the high anthocyanin content in Black Cherry Cheesecake.

Black Cherry Cheesecake Strain Grow Info

Rather than using Black Cherry Cheesecake seeds, you will have to make do with clones. It is a tough and durable plant capable of thriving outdoors in moderately inclement conditions. Even so, snow could kill your crop quickly! That said, sensible exposure to colder temperatures could bring out its pink and purple coloring.  It is ready for outdoor harvest by the middle of October in general. Its yield is around 12 ounces of bud per plant.

Sensible exposure to colder temperatures could bring out its pink and purple coloring.

It is easier for most growers to bring Black Cherry Cheesecake indoors. There, you should use the Sea of Green (SOG) technique to bring the plants under control. This plant requires trimming to ensure even airflow in its thicker parts. It flowers in 7-9 weeks and could provide up to 12 ounces of bud per square meter planted. You may benefit from a higher yield if you utilize a hydroponics system.

THC Content – Highest Test

Black Cherry Cheesecake contains between 17% and 21% THC, with the latter commonly found in testing.

CBD Content – Highest Test


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QUANTITY/WEIGHT 10 grams, 17 grams, 25 grams


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