Afgooey Cannabis Strain



Afgooey Cannabis Strain

Afgooey Cannabis Strain  is an indica-dominant hybrid descended from an Afghani landrace. It gives off very typical indica effects and a pleasant high, along with some woody, skunky flavors.

Afgooey is a strain that you may have heard of before. It’s a delicious, hard-hitting indica bred from an Afghani landrace. The Afgooey strain is sometimes called Afgoo, so keep your eyes peeled for either of these names at your local dispensary on your next trip.

In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about the Afgooey strain, including its flavor, effects, medical benefits, and more. Find out below if this strain could be the perfect one for you.

What Is the Afgooey Strain?

Afgooey weed is an indica-dominant (80%) hybrid. Breeders created this strain by combining an Afghani landrace with Maui Haze. As you can imagine, this combination made an incredible hybrid strain with delicious flavors and potent effects.

The landrace indica genetics have given a lot to this strain. After just a few tokes, the high hits quickly, beginning in the face and neck. The buzzy, numbing high will leave your face feeling warm and flushed, and this feeling spreads to your limbs.

In true indica fashion, this is definitely a body high rather than offering anything cerebral.

Those with a high THC tolerance and lots of experience may just be able to stay on their feet after using a small amount of Afgooey. Anything stronger, though, and it delivers a powerful couchlock that will leave you pinned to the sofa. However, keep in mind that even if you’re up and about, your brain will feel too foggy to achieve anything complicated.

As the high meanders on, you will grow more and more tired. Your limbs feel weighty and exhausted, and you’ll sink into your bed to be lulled into a restful slumber. As a result, it’s best to enjoy Afgooey in the evening when you’re almost ready to sleep.


Afgooey has a surprisingly complex odor. High-quality Afgoo buds will have a pungent scent, full of musky, damp earth. Expect some skunky notes underneath, too, which will become more apparent as you grind up the nugs.

The more pleasant hints include an undertone of wood and pine, with subtle hints of spice and pepper. If you don’t have a keen nose, you may become overwhelmed by the skunky pungency, so newcomers to cannabis beware!


In a similar fashion to the aroma, the Afgooey flavor is dominated by skunk, hash, and earth. It has a very classic cannabis flavor profile. However, inhale deeply enough, and you will be rewarded by the pleasant woodiness and hints of pepper.

On the exhale, the pine flavors become more apparent. It’s actually quite refreshing at this point, leaving you coming back for more hits. Be careful, though, as Afgooey can be a robust and hard-hitting strain!

For such a pungent and hashy strain, the Afgooey smoke is surprisingly smooth. Although it’s packed with flavor, it’s unlikely to leave you in a coughing fit.


The Afgooey strain is pleasing to the eye. Its leaves are a spring green color, and they tend to curl tightly as they grow. The buds themselves can range in shape from spherical to almost conical.



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