Ace of Spades Marijuana Strain



Ace of Spades Marijuana Strain

Ace of Spades Marijuana  is a hybrid strain, achieved by crossing the Black Cherry Soda strain with Jack the Ripper. As a result, it’s flavor profile is very cherry and berry-like with hints of citrus (thanks to Jack the Ripper). It is a popular medicinal bud and has been used to remedy conditions from arthritis and back pain to anxiety and PTSD.


It looked like TGA Subcool Seeds had done it all in terms of breeding top-notch cannabis strains. However, they proved that they had yet another “ace” up their sleeve with this strain. As well as being a great recreational option, Ace of Spades is arguably even better suited to the medicinal cannabis consumer. Let’s find out more about this exciting hybrid.

What is the Ace of Spades Strain?

The Ace of Spades strain is a cross between the sativa Jack The Ripper and the hybrid Black Cherry Soda. The Ace of Spades strain produces a pleasant high, which, while euphoric, isn’t overwhelming. Most users say that they feel uplifted but also nicely relaxed.

As the initial high starts to fade, this strain’s indica effects kick in, and a gentle feeling of calm pervades. Then, as time passes, users typically experience deep relaxation followed by sleepiness. As the pattern of the Ace of Spades strain’s effects suggests, it is best suited to evening use.


The Ace of Spades strain has a pleasantly fragrant sweet and sour aroma. An earthy odor infused with berry notes and citrusy smells give this strain a deliciously distinctive fragrance.


The Ace of Spades strain has a similarly lemony, citrusy taste with herbal and berry flavors detectable on the exhale.

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