Abusive OG Marijuana Strain



      Abusive OG Marijuana Strain

The Scoop: Named when the first granger instead of her tranquil result, Abusive OG – a.k.a. L.A. Kush – is a rare cut of OG Kush, initially cultivated by the Devils Harvest Krew. Buy Abusive OG Online .Abusive OG Marijuana Strain

The Result: Myopically focused on curing the munchies, any “Abusive” attitude generated by this strain would be aimed at that pint of Phish Food ice cream in the freezer. Replacing harmful prescribed drugs with useful cannabinoids, Abusive OG’s powerful medicinal value helps patients mitigate their pain without the need for Western medicine. Buy Abusive OG Online

Type: Hybrid

Also Known As: Abusive Kush, Abusive, LA Kush

Genetics:  Bagseed, Unknown

Origin: The Devils Harvest Krew – Back in they heady daze of 2002 – 2003 the D.H. Krew went “Johnny Appleseed” with this strain, passing it out to growers from coast-to-coast.

Stoned Meter: A rock-solid nine, mentally uplifting and physically relaxed.

Average THC: 15-18%

Strain Profile/The Science: She could also be sweet & petite, however Abusive OG is infamous for her poke. Her painting OG look and scented aroma radiate an overwhelming aura; enchanted, shoppers can struggle to ignore the sweetness of Abusive OG. Perfect for alleviating unwanted pain, chronic insomnia, and relentless bouts of anxiety. Buy Abusive OG Online

Appearance: once totally mature, Abusive OG’s flowers attack a dark coloration that shrouds it in mystery, almost demanding a closer inspection. Packing a targeted punch, her opaque flowers relish a halo of rosin. With her extended and encrusted calyx, Abusive OG is a true black widow strain, luring the consumer into her web of sedation.

Consistency: The tight calyxes of Abusive OG square measure resonated along and need some tact to separate them while not damaging the foremost bulbous and fragile glands. It is best enjoyed countermined piece by piece outside of a grinder. Buy Abusive OG Online

Scent: A fragrant showstopper, this strain will not go unnoticed. Abusive OG takes center stage on your palate from the first inhale. The softer caramel and lemon notes together with the earthy overtones give a robust and potent curb charm.

Taste: Abusive’s classically kushed-out terpenes become the focal point with the first rip. At first a lot of sweet and delicate, culminating in a domineering Incense-like pungency that will tickle your nose and make you smack your lips. The light citrus notes offer the smoke a savory result that more enhances the flavour – similarly as your appetency.

Effect: Abusive OG features a lightning fast onset that leaves some shoppers in an exceedingly hazy fog of tetrahydrocannabinol. Blanketing its shoppers in an exceedingly state of high spirits, waves of relaxation overwhelm any physical stress, allowing most to unwind naturally Abusive OG Marijuana Strain

Growth and Seed Info: manufacturing rather petite yields, Abusive OG has a distinct reputation as a low-yielding OG. Easily cloned, she will take significant feedings while not burning, creating her good for each initiate and intimate with cultivators. Buy Abusive OG Online


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QUANTITY/WEIGHT 10 grams, 17 grams, 25 grams


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